At TASTE IT we use only fresh ingredients in all our dishes, and where possible these are organically sourced. Only free-range chicken and eggs are used and our meat is usually halaal.

Here is a sample list of some of our most popular dishes. But at TASTE IT we are always developing something new in the kitchen, allowing us to customise our dishes and service according to your specific requirements.

We will be delighted to design a menu with you that will suit your tastes and needs. Please get in touch by filling in the contact form here.



  • Teriyaki: mouthwateringly sticky, savoury and slightly sweet, with jasmine rice
  • Marbella: chicken pieces with prunes, olives and oregano
  • Butter: creamy and flavourful
  • Moroccan tagine: with olives and preserved lemon
  • Schnitzel: sesame-crumbed pieces
  • Baked breast: topped with a tarragon-flavoured tomato sauce
  • Hungarian chicken: tomatoes, paprika and a hint of cream
  • Persian oven grilled: chicken pieces with saffron and lemon



  • Tzimmes: sweet stew with carrots and prunes
  • Roast: roasted and flavoured with mustard and tarragon dressing
  • Persianstyle stew: slow cooked in a cinnamon-spiced tomato sauce with butternut, carrots and potatoes
  • Meatball tagine: Middle Eastern-style
  • Hungarian goulash: slow cooked with sweet and spicy paprika
  • Meatloaf: sprinkled with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese



  • Salmon: baked in a herb sauce
  • Hake: Spanish-style, baked with tomatoes, pesto, olives and capers
  • Fishcakes: Middle Eastern-style, slow cooked in tomato sauce



  • Parmigiana: aubergine layered with Mozzarella, basil and tomato sauce, oven-baked
  • Baked paprika: stuffed with rice, feta and pine kernels
  • Aubergines: chargrilled with saffron yogurt, parsley and chilli
  • Fritter: spinach and feta or courgette and halloumi
  • Curry: with red lentils, chickpeas, aubergine and spinach
  • Tomatoes: stuffed with lentils, pesto, sunflower seeds and topped with parmesan
  • Red pepper: stuffed with rice, raisins, pine kernels and feta
  • Moussaka: aubergine slices filled with chickpeas, mushrooms and lentils
  • Mushrooms: stuffed with spinach and feta
  • Tagine: butternut, chickpeas with preserved lemon and apricots
  • Butternut: grilled wedges with pesto, feta and pomegranate seeds
  • Courgette lasagne: layered with a lentil, pesto, cream cheese filling and topped with tomato sauce
  • Frittata: with Persian herbs, cranberries and walnuts


Salads and vegetables

  • Green beans: with tomatoes and goat’s cheese
  • Beetroot salad: with peas, avocado and watercress in a balsamic dressing
  • Mushrooms: with artichokes and roasted red peppers
  • Aubergine: with a tahini dressing and tomato salsa
  • Lentil salad: with cucumber and red and yellow peppers
  • Butternut: roasted with a mixed-leaf salad and a minty dressing
  • Carrots: roasted with goat’s cheese, dill and a honey dressing
  • Baby courgettes: roasted with garlic and tomatoes
  • Tabbouleh cups: bulghur wheat and finely chopped herb salad served on lettuce leaves



  • Rice salad: brown, wild and basmati rice, roasted pepper, herbs, apricots, cranberries and sunflower seeds with an orange dressing
  • Brown rice salad: Greek-style with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion and feta
  • Vegetable rice
  • Potato gratin
  • Rice pasta salad: with artichokes and cranberries
  • Quinoa salad: with grilled courgettes and roast sunflower seeds
  • Barley salad: with grilled tomatoes and broccoli
  • Barley risotto: cooked in tomato sauce
  • Bulgur: with red peppers and onions



  • Pavlova à la Mandy: with Greek yoghurt, cream and seasonal fruit
  • Lemon cheesecake: no-bake cheesecake with a refreshing taste
  • Crema Catalan: my friend Maria’s Catalan version of a crème brûlée, flavoured with lemon, orange, cinnamon and ginger
  • Poppy seed cake: light lemony cake with orange and lemon-flavoured cream cheese topping
  • Chocolate mousse: with fresh orange infusion
  • Marie’s French lemon tart
  • Tiramisu: the alcohol-free version
  • Sophie’s New York-style baked cheesecake: a baked variation of German and New York styles
  • Lemon crème: with a fruit ganache
  • Auntie Christhild’s apple tart: fresh apples baked with a custard cream